About me

Hello! Thank you for visiting my personal blog/site/whatever abomination I create with the freedom I have.

I’m a vivid programming lover, actually a wannabe Android developer from Belgrade, Serbia. I primarily love working in Kotlin and Go Lang, but I don’t shy away from Java or C, they just make me appreciate the modern languages even more. Also seeing the evolution, sometimes unwanted simplification and quality of life improvements that make you wonder how did your ancestors code without them is also really exciting. I put a lot of pride in my learning and I see no reason not to strive towards greatness, my love for modern approaches also showcases itself in my apps and the way they are made. I cannot use anything less than the newest tech and newest libraries (which often bites me in the ass later on), I am really considering getting a diagnosis on this.

Besides Android development, I spend my time making some funsies projects like interpreters and slowly compilers (real fun I know), also ever since I was a kid I made games so that stuck with me.
In the slim hours I am not coding, I usually like to either draw a bit or do some 3D modeling. Maybe a game of pickup basketball or a light workout may get its 5 minutes. Also thanks to the Warhammer universe that got me into miniatures, tabletop and that crazy world.
I guess these are all of the unwanted facts about me I can give for today! Have a great rest of the day/night and stay locked in!